The Game Night Box

The Game Night Box


Let's play some games! This LBB special includes:


  • Backgammon
  • Dogs with Jobs Puzzle
  • Christian Lacroix Deck of Cards
  • Movie Memory Game
  • Choice of Tutti-Frutti Puzzle OR Feeling Flushed Puzzle
  • Box Product Details


    Backgammon is one of the oldest known board games. Its history can be traced back nearly 5,000 years to archaeological discoveries in Mesopotamia. It is a two-player game where each player has fifteen pieces (checkers or men) that move between twenty-four triangles (points) according to the roll of two dice.


    Dogs with Jobs Puzzle

    500-PIECE PUZZLE – The Dogs with Jobs 500-piece jigsaw puzzle from Galison is just the right level of challenge The box includes an insert with the full puzzle image for reference

    • STUNNING DETAILS – This flawless fit jigsaw puzzle features an amusing illustration of dogs performing jobs such as the Chow Chow Antique Appraiser, Great Dane Graphic Designer, Husky Meteorologist, and many more This puzzle is fun for the whole family!
    • HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS – Galison uses continuous quality control checks during production to ensure there is virtually no puzzle dust Each piece is printed with no-glare, non-toxic inks
    • EASY HANDLING – The 500 ribbon cut puzzle pieces are thick and sturdy The completed puzzle measures 20” x 20" and the package measures 8” x 8” x 2"


    Christian Lacroix Deck of Cards

    MAISON DE JEU ARTWORK: The Christian Lacroix Maison De Jeu playing cards set features art depicting the atmosphere of vintage French gambling houses. The cards are as much a work of art to be admired as they are functional.

    • UNIQUE DESIGNS: Each playing card has its own unique design from the world of Christian Lacroix, and each deck has its own keepsake box. You will see something new each time you look at these cards.
    • INCLUDES TWO DECKS: The playing card set includes two decks of 52 cards plus two jokers packaged in a decorative keepsake box with a chevron ribbon pull tab. The outer box measures 4.25” x 6” and the deck box measures 2.5” x 4”.


    Movie Memory Game

    Can you remember Dirty Harry's weapon of choice? Or the type of flower given to Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games? Does a severed horse's head mean anything to you? Or what about a pair of glistening shoes with magical powers?

    Film magazine Little White Lies dares you to test your mental agility and pop cultural prowess with the Movie Memory Game, an illustrated card game for the movie lover in your life. Includes 50 cards and a guide to the 25 movies.


    Choice of Tutti-Frutti Puzzle OR Feeling Flushed Puzzle


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